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Enrolment open for 2021/2022

First school in Galicia authorized to teach the 3 IB® programmes

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Education model

Learn to be

SEK International Schools are committed to offering each student a learning experience focused on personal perfection, preparing for success in later life.

Located in Poio, near Pontevedra and just 20 km from Vigo, SEK-Atlántico is considered one of the best bilingual schools in Spain, and the only one in Galicia that teaches the three International Baccalaureate® (IB) programmes.

The SEK Education Model:

  • Así es nuestro modelo educativo

    Focussed on learning and the perfecting of students and the school community.


    Ensures the all-round development of our students' emotional, intellectual, cognitive and artistic skills.


    Through a balanced, interdisciplinary and relevant curriculum to tackle the challenges of the era of knowledge and learning.


    The school acts as a learning gateway towards 21st century content and skills.


    Applies assessment systems and data analysis of all the processes and agents involved with the aim of ongoing learning.


    Leveraging the necessary resources (people, spaces, time and technology) to create personal learning environments for each student.


    Our students are 'professionals of learning' and our educators are facilitators and thought coaches.


    Operating in connected and open environments.


    Employing different learning methods, in which diverse formats (one-to-one, blended and online) ensure the acquisition of knowledge and foster the development of skills.


    Boasting infrastructures that combine physical spaces and virtual learning environments.


    Creating creative and collaborative learning and innovation communities, leveraging collective intelligence and generating the habit of 'learning to learn'.


    At SEK we are experts in learning and talent management. SEK Schools are social networks that learn and share their knowledge.


    Incorporating the latest advances in science (neuropsychology, sociology, technology)


    Connecting learning experiences to specific contexts, establishing collaboration between communities and involving new agents in education.


    Offering students an uninterrupted learning experience: breaking down the barriers between education centres and professional life.

International learning in Galicia

SEK-Atlántico Pontevedra

From 4 months to 18 years old

The only bilingual school in Galicia teaching the three IB® programmes. Located in Poio, a stone's throw from Pontevedra and only 20 km from Vigo.

  • Bilingual international school: Spanish- English.
  • A leading-light in education innovation in Galicia.
  • Sports facilities and cutting-edge technology.
  • Nursery school from 4 months to 3 years old.

Intelligent Classrooms

Common areas

Learning technologies

From 4 months to university



Primary School

Secondary School


On to university at UCJC

Admissions procedure

Excellence starts here

No two students are the same. The admissions process seeks in-depth knowledge of the interests and needs of both the student and their family. This way, we offer the best education options for each student.

Places are limited, the admissions process is as follows:


Request information via the web, email or telephone.


Interview with the Head of New Students and school visit.


Submission of the required documents.


Interview with the Admissions Committee and sitting the corresponding admissions test.


Final decision of the school’s Admissions Committee.

A passion for learning is a passion for life.

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