‘Ven a dar la vuelta al mundo’ with the scientist Juan Antonio Pérez Mercader

On 11 December, as part of the  SEK Stellar Programme for high achieving students, the teacher Juan Antonio Pérez Mercader, a Spanish scientist expert in multiscale physics applied to astrophysics and cosmology, gave a talk and discussed important scientific advances with students. Pérez Mercader is a professor at Harvard University, considered a world expert on the origin of life, and, among many other important scientific activities, led the Spanish participation with infrastructure and instrumentation on board the Mars Science Laboratory that landed on Mars in August 2012.

A programme was launched in March 2021 as part of the different proposals for educational innovation that are carried out by SEK Education Group, through SEK Schools, Camilo José Cela University and the Felipe Segovia Foundation, which primarily aims to share talent as one of its main tenets, the programme is called Ven a dar la vuelta al mundo.

This synchronous online enrichment programme (adjusted to students’ timetables) allows students to take part in ten adventures that correspond to the different stages of the first circumnavigation of the globe which is marking its five-hundred-year anniversary.

In these adventures, students will learn about and participate in different scientific and cultural activities with international experts and carry out activities and assignments that will ultimately be presented and evaluated. Those selected will receive awards for their work.

This programme aims to share experiences for the development of different talents; to learn about the adventure of the first circumnavigation of the world; expand knowledge related to the geography of the places visited; navigation techniques of the time; technology used, etc., and interact with the content in an active way, reinterpreting the knowledge from different angles and expressing it in multiple languages.


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