Research by the University of Oxford suggests that International Baccalaureate students have a greater ability to think critically

The University of Oxford has published a study aiming to analyse the impact of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) on students’ critical thinking skills. The results of the study suggest that IB students have an advantage over their peers when it comes to critical thinking skills.

The study’s authors focused on over 560 students from eight schools in Australia, England and Norway. The report’s summary says that ‘this approach may represent one of the likely ways that DP students gain a competitive critical thinking advantage because national programmes rarely include general critical thinking instruction courses.’

In the report variables such as students’ personality, cognitive abilities, indicators of socioeconomic status and demographic characteristics were taken into account and participation in the DP was a significant predictor of critical thinking. Specifically, DP students had significantly higher critical thinking skills than their non-DP peers.


Pioneer in teaching IB programmes in Spain

SEK International Schools offer three IB programmes for students from 3 to 18 years of age, along with the national Spanish curriculum, in a common teaching framework and a coherent structure of objectives and values.

SEK Education Group spearheaded the implementation of International Baccalaureate programmes in Spain and is an accredited provider of IB teacher training. The Diploma Programme has been taught at SEK Schools since 1977.

SEK teachers take part and collaborate in training workshops and conferences organised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) around the world, and they sit on the Regional Council of the International Baccalaureate for Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Over 10,000 SEK students have taken the IB Diploma Programme, attaining outstanding results.



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