A SEK student, selected to do internships in hospitals

Irene García, a year 1 baccalaureate student at SEK-El Castillo, is clear that she is going to dedicate herself to medicine. The Youth for Medicine programme has given her the opportunity to do theoretical-practical sessions at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital and La Paz Hospital.

The course, promoted by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, is aimed at 30 year 1 and 2 baccalaureate students interested in degrees related to medicine and healthcare with the aim of being able to observe how different diseases are diagnosed and tackled and what research is being carried out to better understand them and achieve more effective treatments to combat them.

The SEK-El Castillo student, Irene García, has been selected to be part of this programme. She attends sessions of different services and specialities of the hospitals on Saturdays. “There they explain to us what is done, what their day to day is like, and what their speciality is. In this way, you can get an idea, you are more involved and you understand it,” she said.

This programme is ideal to reinforce the vocations of those who want to be a doctor. For Irene, “since I was little I have wanted to be a doctor. When they told us in class that this programme existed, I signed up because I think it is a very good opportunity. Thanks to this experience you can really see if you like medicine and if it is truly your vocation.”

To bring Medicine studies closer to students who are finishing their studies at the school this year, the School of Health at UCJC will organise an Open Day on 3rd February at its Villafranca campus.

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