A SEK student gets 20,000 views of his short film paying tribute to healthcare workers


Our students take advantage of these days at home to continue their online learning, but also to continue developing their passions and projects. This is the case of the SEK student Dario Jáuregui, who is in year 1 of Artistic Baccalaureate at SEK-Ciudalcampo, and who has made a spectacular short film paying tribute to all health workers who, during this COVID-19 crisis, work tirelessly to attend to patients and beat this pandemic.

During the lockdown, he has worked on a project given to him by his Audiovisual teacher, Mercedes Redondo, which consisted of making an animated video about the current lockdown. The one-and-a-half-minute short film has taken him about ten days of work and already has more than 20,000 views on Twitter and almost 2,000 views on YouTube.

Passionate about cinema, our student was inspired by the films of Aardman and Pixar, and from the age of 9 he began making short stop-motion film. In addition, he used the classic green screen to be able to “add the backgrounds of almost all the scenes: the buildings of the city, the trip in the Metro, the balconies applauding, etc.”

The video was edited with Adobe PremierePro, and he chose Beethoven’s “Moonlight” as music to add drama.

“I am interested in graphic design, digital animation, video games … For a long time my dream was to work at Pixar, but now I think that it may not be the most practical ambition and I am thinking about advertising design, but I still have time,” says Dario.

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