In a constantly changing world in which new challenges are continually arising, it is essential to be able to acquire a set of transversal skills that complement the personal and professional growth of our students and the development of an interdisciplinary profile. On The Hive (La Colmena) they will develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity, cooperation or leadership, working on challenges defined along UCJC’s three strategic axes: Social Commitment, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation.


This 3-year syllabus offers students the chance to take part in an annual team competition to solve the most pressing challenges posed by the Sustainable Development Goals. They will take part in workshops and bootcamps and they will avail themselves of a mentoring scheme, with tutors and experts who will advise them at every step.


With the Challenge-Based Learning method, they will acquire the skills and competencies that will allow them to successfully tackle problems, developing solutions to them. They will work in teams made up of students from different years, creating learning experiences that will allow them to apply their knowledge to very diverse real-world situations.