University Camilo José Cela has launched The Hive (La Colmena), a programme offering a new curricular offering that goes beyond traditional models, transcending the open degree model and offering students the chance to learn and become professionals capable of working in hybrid environments and overcoming different and complex work challenges.

In an increasingly dynamic, global and demanding job market, where some professions disappear, others change, and others emerge or are invented, there is a need for inquisitive graduates who, with an open mind, transversal knowledge and capacity to adapt, will become tomorrow’s truly versatile professionals.

University Camilo José Cela has designed a programme featuring three itineraries, hosting students from different disciplines and fields of knowledge in the same lecture hall, thereby fostering a interdisciplinary model with real interaction between lecturers and students from different degrees to create a true community of learners.

All newly enrolled students, regardless of their degree, will benefit from this innovative model and take two The Hive (La Colmena) subjects, enriching this way their university experience and including skills such as interaction, reasoning, solidarity, technology and languages in their personal and professional development. This way we have evolved a specific DNA that stands our students apart from their peers, the UCJC DNA.

Therefore, on completing their four-year degree course, students will have taken eight subjects (two per year, one per semester), an extra 24 official credits on top of those of their main degree, in six fields of knowledge.

It is a curricular experience, based on a multifaceted teaching model, meeting the current and future needs of society and helping students to develop personally, affording them the capacity to manage their professional career over their entire life.