Since 1892, we have accompanied and educated the best students for the world.

We cannot imagine a world in which we are not contributing positively to guaranteeing the sustainable, fair and inclusive development of people and the environment.

We strive to contribute to three pillars to build a better present and future:


Our ambition to build a more sustainable world has been recognised with B Corp certification.

In 2020 we were the 1st Spanish educational institution to be recognised as a B Corp, thus becoming part of this unique movement in the world, which seeks to transform society and the planet through entrepreneurial strength.

Currently, Camilo José Cela University remains the only Spanish B Corp university.


We want to thank the following people for lending their voice and hearts to the making of this video: Mencia Gomez and Ignacio Busto, primary and secondary school students at SEK International Schools; Cristina Herrero, student of the UCJC Dentistry Degree; Ana Belén Frias, teacher at SEK-El Castillo, Max Römer, professor at UCJC; and Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group.