Established in 1892, the SEK Group is the oldest non-denominational educational institution in Spain. However, over the years, it has added to its long cultural and teaching tradition an ongoing ambition to innovate that has enabled us to meet the demands of society and spearhead cutting-edge education.



A vocation to innovate is an essential part of our identity and cannot be separated from the will to serve society as expressed in our Ethos.

Our learner-led innovation model seeks to stimulate creativity of each small learning community, made up of educators and students in the classrooms and lecture theatres of our schools and university. We aim to encourage fluid, bottom-up innovation processes in which applied research, frequently supported by UCJC, the ongoing professional development of our teaching staff and collaboration with the ed-tech industry are essential aspects of the model.

Since 1892, the SEK Group has carried out an innumerable number of pioneering initiatives, the thoughts presented in this website are the simple continuation of a long track record of innovation that nowadays is being ramped up thanks to the pace and magnitude of the changes occurring in our times.