If you are looking for an effective tool against cultural ignorance, conflict between people and bigotry – then invest time, energy and money in cultivating international education for your children.

Emeritus Professor Dr. Arpad von Lazar, President of the SEK International Advisory Board

Today’s education can only be understood from a global perspective in terms of designing students’ own learning experiences: their goals, focus, activities, subjects and contents. Language education is also key.

Our students develop, personally and professionally, in multicultural contextsand are destined to construct a new form of citizenships in collaboration, and in competition with, other young people from around the world.

SEK Education Group’s international vocation can be seen, over its history, in the creation of schools in foreign countries and in the pioneering implementation of international programmes or collaboration with universities and international bodies.

vocación internacional

The Group currently boasts schools in Spain, Ireland, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and our Educational Community is enriched by students and educators from over 70 nationalities.