The ultimate aim of education is to civilise mankind.

 Felipe Segovia

At the SEK Group we understand excellence as a means of high-quality personal and professional realisation. Excellence demands rigour and effort, but also creativity and passion. The pursuit of excellence is a continuous goal in all of our activities, in addition to the desire to perfect each member of our learning community. We express excellence of our teaching activities through the ‘commitments and guarantees’ of our schools and university, endorsed by our learning community overall.


We ensure that the design of our learning model features the following traits:

  • Motivational: in order to awaken each student’s passion for learning and to develop the necessary abilities for life-long learning
  • Holistic: to foster the balanced development of aspects of students’ intellectual, social and emotional personality traits
  • Personal: encouraging each student to take responsibility for their own learning process, in line with their passions and interests
  • Connected and online: ensuring understanding of each discipline, their connection to other fields of thought, with other learning communities and the real world
  • Rich in resources: led by the best professionals in their fields, using space and technology creatively to bolster each student’s learning experience
  • Global: meeting local and global challenges, involving each student in seeking solutions based on a consciously inter-cultural approach

excelencia educativa

  • Relevant for the future: developing the abilities and attitudes students will need for personal and professional success in the 21st century


I. To develop an educational community that shares the desire to improve every day, hinging on respect and communal living, hard work and play, the ambition to excel and the pursuit of personal excellence, hallmarks of our style and culture.

II. To encourage our community of learners to prioritise the cultivation of values dignifying mankind in order to advance in the development of an increasingly perfect personality through reflection and critical thinking.

III. To provide all members of our community the means to live happy and fruitful moments on their campuses, accepting that their shared objective should come before personal interests.

IV. Offering an educational model that favours the development of intelligence, learning to learn, to ensure the all-round development of the character of young people, and adults, to be able to direct their own future.

V. To place the student, their learning and education, at the centre of what we do in order to help make their dreams a reality and to ensure their pre-eminence both in our community and in society where they will be leaders driving freedom, justice and solidarity.

excelencia educativa

VI. To build a culture of freedom and order in each campus, since freedom without order is a utopia, and order without freedom is not worth living.

VII. To instil in students a character that reflects a style of being and acting.

VIII. Training teachers, facilitators or mediators for learning, in line with the SEK ethos and culture, offering them resources for ongoing professional development, in a joint commitment towards attaining excellence.