We are committed to offering each of our student’s learning experiences to make them better citizens and enable them to be successful in life.

SEK International Schools and Camilo José Cela University educational model:

1. Offer an educational model centred on learning and perfecting our whole community.

2. They attend the all-round development of our students’ emotional, intellectual, cognitive and artistic skills.

3. They offer a balanced, interdisciplinary and relevant curriculum to tackle the challenges of the era of knowledge and learning.

4. They represent learning portals towards 21st century content and skills.

5. They apply assessment systems and data analysis of all the processes and agents involved with the aim of ongoing learning.

6. They use the necessary resources (people, spaces, time and technology) to create personal learning environments for each student.

7. Our students are learning professionals and our educators are facilitators and thought coaches.

8. They operate in connected and open environments.

9. They employ different learning methods, in which diverse formats (one-to-one, blended and online) ensure the acquisition of knowledge and foster the development of skills.

10. Their infrastructure combines physical and virtual learning environments.

11. They make up creative and collaborative learning and innovation communities that offer life-long learning opportunities.

12. They are experts in learning and talent management, social networks that learn and share knowledge.

13. They incorporate the latest advances in science (neuropsychology, sociology, technology)

14. They connect learning experiences to specific contexts, establishing collaboration between communities and involving new agents in education.

15. Offer students an uninterrupted learning experience, breaking down the barriers between education centres and professional life.