SEK Schools will launch a specific welcome scheme to attend to the emotional well-being of their Educational Community when they return to school

SEK International Schools have developed the DPO 2020 Welcome Scheme featuring a series of initiatives and guidelines developed by the SEK Psychology and Guidance services and which will be rolled out at each of its nine schools in Spain, France, Ireland and Qatar.

In addition to safety and hygiene protocols, drafted by the Reopening Committee and activated with the return to classrooms in the months of May and June, as well as for SUMMER SEK camps and courses, SEK Education Group aims to ensure with this scheme the care for the emotional well-being of its students, teachers and families when they return to the new school year, in the month of September.

“Since lockdown, our team of psychologists and counsellors, together with the school’s medical teams, have taken measures to help our Educational Community in these difficult times, and thus protect their emotional and health well-being, which has always been our priority”, says Chris Charleson, General Director for SEK Schools. In the months of April, May and June, the Wellness Classroom and Parents’ Informative Sessions were given to support students, families and teachers.

The different Psychology and Guidance departments of each of the SEK Schools are prepared to bolster and ramp up their support for the Educational Community in the return to face-to-face teaching in September. The welcome scheme specifies communication tools and specific initiatives with students, teachers and families that will be launched with special attention to the adaptation period, at the beginning of the year.

As explained by Sofía Gigliani, counsellor and educational psychologist at SEK Schools, “some of the points that we consider critical for working on returning to classrooms are the normalisation of new social norms, helping with different emotions and feelings caused by these new experiences and working on resilience to face changes and adversities. Of course, and very particularly we will pay special attention to the little ones, who must accept the need to express their affection in different ways. ”

In this sense, the team of psychologists and counsellors will share through documents, talks, videos, webinars and start-of-year sessions a series of recommendations so that families can prepare before the start of classes in September .






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