SEK Lab presents its new ‘Edtech Space’

SEK Lab, the vertical accelerator of educational startups of the SEK Educational Institution, presents its new educational technology space, Edtech Space, located on the Almagro Campus of the Camilo José Cela University, in the heart of Madrid, which will serve as a place of collaborative work for educational and social impact projects.

The Edtech Space, as defined by the director of SEK Lab, Félix López, “is an exclusive coworking space to continue contributing and giving visibility to the sector, creating community and offering maximum support to innovators in education.” “A space made to work, meet with your team and clients, to inspire others by giving talks or workshops, to make key contacts, to learn from experts, find mentors and talent for your team ”, he adds.

Sixth call for the ‘SEK Lab Awards’

SEK Lab, on the other hand, has organized the sixth edition of its ‘SEK Lab Awards’, which took place at the Villafranca Campus of the Camilo José Cela University and online, through the Zoom platform, last Wednesday, December 16.

On this occasion, 28 project applications were submitted to be part of the sixth edition of SEK Lab, from Spain, Portugal, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Pakistan and Singapore, of which 16 finalists were selected, who competed They went for a square presenting their startup to convince the jury to be part of the SEK Institution’s vertical accelerator.

Finally, the startups chosen to participate in the sixth edition of SEK Lab were Decedario, Let’s Coder, Papua, Testualia, The inventors. io, Alumne, Edunexis, Great Little People, Singularity Experts, and Wow Play.

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