SEK Lab holds the fourth EdTech Investment Forum

On May 26, SEK Lab, the SEK Education Group’s vertical accelerator for education startups, held the fourth Education Startups Investment Forum together with AWS EdStart, the AWS accelerator for education technology startups. The goal of the event was to demonstrate the growth of the EdTech sector in Spain and to publicise the startups with the most innovative potential in the educational ecosystem.

The day began with the presentation of the European Edtech Map, a public map of EdTech companies created by the European Edtech Alliance (EEA). Its objective is to gain a complete overall snapshot of the sector, to showcase all its diversity and to offer the global vision of a booming, vibrant and rapidly growing market. SEK Lab is part of this European alliance of companies and organisations that seek to support the national and international growth of Edtech and innovation in education.

During the fourth Edtech Investment Forum, a total of ten education startups presented their innovative projects in education to a panel of judges made up of over 50 world-renowned investors, including accelerators, investment funds, corporate and education sector managers. The finalist startups were CazaTuPlaza, Hackrocks, Happy Learning TV, Langoo, MenteLista, Singularity Experts, Smile and Learn, Syntagma Digital, Training Experience and WoWPlay.

Following the presentations, the voting was opened to choose the best education startup of this edition. Singularity Experts, the platform that aims to find perfect jobs for users that are fully adapted to their abilities, personality and interests, received 31% of the votes, crowning itself as the judges’ favourite EdTech. Wowplay, a tool for children to develop STEAM skills and competencies, and Syntagma, a tool that helps evaluate sentence parsing digitally, received 28% and 26% of the votes respectively.

The event was followed by over 80 investors who signed up to watch the forum live, and the video had more than 130 views on YouTube.


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