SEK Schools have created a virtual environment where teachers and students have at their disposal all the tools, content and academic resources, information and network of peers and colleagues necessary to carry out their work. A personalised digital space that allows them to work and study alone or collaboratively.



We have an institutional well-being department under the aegis of the Camilo José Cela University BeWell Center. This department has developed a framework for the development of health and wellness programs in each of our schools with a coordinator. It is made up by a multidisciplinary team, including specialists in sports, health, emotional intelligence, psychology and nutrition.



SEK Education Group is the only educational entity recognised with the BCORP seal in Spain B Corps lead a global movement that promotes ethical and innovative values, to fully leverage the positive impact on the community they serve and on the environment and thus , contribute to building a more sustainable, shared and long-lasting future. For the SEK Group, this accreditation is not just a quality standard for its organisational model and processes, the objective is to instil in our students values that foster a more humane and better society, and thus learning to take on social leadership.



Brought to life by two major and pioneering initiatives:


UCJC Impact Lab:

The entrepreneurial project accelerator of the SEK educational community. Through an annual program, offers online and face-to-face training, support and personalized mentoring to ensure the implementation of the participating projects.


UCJC Impact Lab Junior:

Is an incubator for Spanish school entrepreneurial projects for students from Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. The aim of the training programme is to foster and encourage entrepreneurship among students from an early age.