SEK International Schools’ international vocation is attested to by its pursuit of international expansion with schools across the world and in the pioneering implementation of international programmes and accreditation from the most prestigious international bodies.



The NEASC accreditation is a highly valued and globally recognised standard of excellence that accredits the quality of education, from preschool to university, in educational institutions. Through evaluation activities, conducted by six commissions, it provides a public guarantee on the educational quality of the institutions that seek or wish to maintain their accreditation. We are part of their network of accredited international schools that span more than sixty-five countries.


The NEASC accreditation allows us to grant the US High School Diploma, this American certificate is recognised by the best international universities. The NEASC organisation accredits our schools after a rigorous study and evaluation process of our curriculum and the teaching practices that are developed in our classrooms. It is a diploma that endorses the academic and personal development journey of our students, since students who complete four consecutive years in our schools receive this diploma. The certificate includes the academic results received from year 3 of ESO/Middle Years Programme year 4 to year 2 of Bachillerato or year 2 of the Diploma Programme. All students who are awarded this Diploma must demonstrate satisfactory results throughout this period and, in addition, must complete a portfolio showing completion of the Action and Service requirements of the Middle Years Programme. With this certificate they can study in different European and American universities.


To reinforce the international dimension of our activities and face global challenges, we created the SEK International Advisory Board. This Advisory Board was founded as part of the global development of the University and SEK International Schools. The IAB is made up of intellectuals and professionals of great international prestige and acclaim.



To bolster the participation of our students in the design of our educational model we have set up the Junior Advisory Board, which directly advises and informs the President, transmitting the voice, aspirations and interests of a singular generation of students.



We offer both SEK and non-SEK students the possibility of attending our schools abroad for a term or an academic year.



ESO and Bachillerato (IB Middle Years Programme and IB Diploma Programme). SEK-Dublin is an international school in English, with an outstanding campus located in Belvedere Hall, between the sea and the mountains, just 35 minutes from the centre of Dublin.


SEK-Les Alpes

Years 2 and 3 ESO. Trilingual international school (Spanish, English and French) located in the Alps, in the French Savoy. SEK-Les Alpes is the only private school in France recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.



The practical learning of a second language is enhanced by conducting language immersion activities that encourage the use of language and knowledge of other cultures and interaction between people. To do this, during the academic year, SEK International Schools offer cultural exchanges with schools around the world, in which students live together, at origin and destination, with their international classmates.

In our schools we work on ERASMUS projects, where we conduct exchanges of learning experiences with other European schools and universities.

Exchanges that impact society, like the exchange with India, where our students collaborate with an NGO, in villages that need it.

SEK International Schools boast students and teachers from over eighty nationalities and maintain contact, collaboration and professional, academic and cultural exchanges with schools and universities around the world.