SEK International Schools participates in a CICAE training for school guidance departments

The Camilo José Cela University Almagro Campus hosted the CICAE Orienta meeting, a new initiative organised by the Association of Private and Independent Schools designed to offer support and training to the guidance departments of the CICAE schools, among which are SEK International Schools.

Throughout the day, ideas, best practices, challenges, difficulties and strategies were shared. The meeting discussed current educational issues, such as the inclusive model as a methodology for the 21st century school, the mental health of young people or the protocols, prevention policies and sanctioning measures against bullying. In addition, Elena López, professor at UCJC and doctor in Psychology Specialist in High Ability and Talent Development, participated in the debate on gifted and talented students and how families with children in this intelligence spectrum see it.

“It is very important to listen to students with high abilities, empathize and understand that they need more than academic progress, they also need to work on essential social skills so that they feel good about themselves and others,” said López.

The UCJC professor believes that “sometimes they feel that we don’t love them as they are, but the reality is that we are not always able to understand what they are like. Communication with families is crucial, since they do not always have the tools to know what their child needs and want to see them happy.”

Elena López has concluded by pointing out that, in many cases, due to this lack of tools, “the high-capacity mind of a boy or girl goes through the infant and primary stages with a non-existent effort, so in higher stages there is no frustration tolerance”.

The objective is the balanced development of students, from a cognitive point of view, in social skills and in personal growth. In addition, the institution offers support in professional guidance in the last school years and during their university years, with the purpose of educating the best citizens for the future.

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