SEK International Schools celebrate Sports Week

Students and teachers at SEK International Schools have celebrated Sports Week with various activities related to sports, health and well-being. Each school has carried out a programme during the week focused on improving the healthy habits of its educational community.

SEK schools organised activities such as sports tournaments (catch the flag, basketball, tennis, swimming, water polo, padel tennis, hockey, indoor football, kickball, chess…), football games between students and teachers, hiking trails, sports classes. yoga, photography contests with the UCJC Olympic Chair or conferences with guest sports personalities.

Health has not only reached sports during the week, but also nutrition. In the school cafeterias of SEK International Schools and in The Hive canteens of Camilo José Cela University, specially adapted meals for athletes were offered, with an adequate balance of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals) and various culinary techniques.

Sports is one of the fundamental axes of SEK Education Group. For this reason, SEK Schools and Camilo José Cela University offer multiple advantages in this area thanks to the SEK International Sports Academy, such as sports scholarships for access to quality education for the best athletes, access to the greatest number of sports for their students and advice to manage the dual career of students who are also high-performance athletes.

Great importance is also given to education in sporting values, the creation of healthy habits, the management of activities for the emotional benefit of students, to promoting sports culture (with activities such as the Olympic competition), and several collaboration agreements with relevant institutions and people such as Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Pablo Laso Academy and several sports federations in Spain.


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