SEK International Schools, among the most outstanding schools in Spain according to El Español

International Schools SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-El Castillo and SEK-Alborán have been selected by the Spanish newspaper El Español from  amongst the 30 most outstanding schools in Spain. This ranking, compiled by a panel of education experts, has reviewed for the third consecutive year “the network of schools that make up the education system and aims to include the best schools in Spain according to their teaching innovations, international projection, management models, students results in external assessments or by the tools used by teachers and students in class”.

According to El Español, “the selected schools are those that offer a new type of education, in a different space, leaving behind outdated methodologies and fostering those featuring robotics and new technologies”.

The paper recommends SEK International School El Castillo based on its long-standing history, teaching quality and educational model “hinging on innovation, research and personal development”. He adds that “a great reputation has been built in the field of education thanks to exceptional teaching over the past 45 years. For these educators, teaching goes far beyond obtaining good grades. They consider that it is about learning through experiences, participating in a cohesive community, facing challenges and finding solutions through collaboration and teamwork”.

Regarding the choice of SEK International School Ciudalcampo, the panel of experts justified its inclusion based on “its demanding educational system and rigorous assessment model” hinging on “the acquisition of knowledge through the exploration of concepts, the investigation and development of skills that foster critical thinking and creativity”. This system “ensures the best academic performance from students and their admission to the most prestigious national and international universities”. El Español also argues the special importance that the school gives to the “development of emotional intelligence skills” and its integration in the curriculum, as well as the “wide offer of complementary activities whose objective is to attend, individually, the development of students’ personality and their individual qualities and interests”.

Meanwhile, SEK International School Alborán was included due to its “own and unique educational system, which develops all aspects of students’ personalities over each of the stages of its evolutionary process”. The panel of experts highlights bilingualism in English and Spanish “from the earliest stages, preparing them to sit the most prestigious external examinations and facilitating language exchanges abroad to also learn a third foreign language, French or German”, as well as emphasising the wide offering of complementary activities offered by the school with the aim of students to learn safely and independently throughout their lives.

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