SEK International Schools achieve excellent results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The six SEK schools that entered candidates for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Exam this year (SEK-El Castillo, SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-Alborán, SEK-Atlántico, SEK-Catalunya and SEK-Qatar) have obtained results above the world average, both in the number of passes and in the final exam mark.

The average pass rate of the six SEK schools whose students took this university entrance exam was of 87.01%, well above the world average, which stands at 78.2%.

In terms of final marks, all International Baccalaureate students from these six SEK Education Group schools achieved an average of 30.61 points, a slightly higher figure than the 29.8 average points obtained by students from around the world.

In terms of average mark per subject, SEK students obtained a total of 4.89 points for each area of knowledge of the exam, exceeding the international average of 4.79 points per subject.

Each of the SEK schools achieved remarkable results. SEK-El Castillo obtained a 100% pass rate in the Diploma Exam, a result almost attained by SEK-Atlántico (95%) and SEK-Alborán (92%). On the other hand, SEK-Ciudalcampo and SEK-Catalunya surpassed an 80% pass rate and eight of the twelve students of SEK-Qatar were able to pass the exam.

These results endorse the relevant, global, international and meaningful learning that SEK Education Group schools instil in all their students. The goal of this learning is to attain the full, all-round realisation of each of our students’ potential to tackle the challenges set by the 21st century.

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