SEK Education Group and Magisterio promote the good use of artificial intelligence in education

Through a joint initiative called Artificial Intelligence and Education, SEK Education Group and Magisterio have begun a project to promote the dissemination of the good use of artificial intelligence in education.

The initiative will feature national and international collaborators whose research and analysis on the advantages, benefits and risks of using AI in education will be published regularly in the newspaper. Reports on good practices and interviews with experts will also be published regularly.

Camilo José Cela University already began research in the field of artificial intelligence in 2020, with the launch of CAILab (Computing and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), the research institute in computing, artificial intelligence and information technologies of Camilo José Cela University.

CAILab’s first projects focused on the application of artificial intelligence in the field of biomedics and on the problems of web sciences, as well as on the application of deep learning and cognitive computing techniques in different areas of organisations with a focus on optimisation and value creation. From now on, it will also research the applications of AI in the field of education.

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