SEK-Atlántico and SEK-Catalunya celebrate the graduation ceremony for their secondary school students

Strictly following the safety guidelines on covid-secure hygiene and social distancing, SEK-Atlántico and SEK-Catalunya celebrated outdoor graduations for their Baccalaureate students from their class of 2019/2020.

SEK-Atlántico celebrated the graduation for its year two Baccalaureate students with a face-to-face event that took place in the Galician school itself. The 70 graduating students, each accompanied by a maximum of two people, celebrated the end of their school years together with their families and teachers.

The boys and girls sat in a space created for the occasion on the sports fields, one meter and a half from each other and wearing masks. Among the students who graduated, 28 have studied the International Baccalaureate, while the remaining 42 studied the Spanish Bachillerato (Lomce).

SEK-Catalunya also held the graduation ceremony for the graduating class of 57 students, both from the Diploma Programme (IB) and the Spanish Bachillerato, and their families were also delighted to take part.

The ceremony was held outdoors for the first time in SEK-Catalunya’s 25-year history. The families present were placed in separate units following strict preventive safety measures, related to the covid-secure protocols.

The entire SEK community was represented at the ceremony, with speakers from the group of graduating students, their parents, alumni and the school’s management staff.

The event was broadcast live, virtually, for students and families who were unable to attend the ceremony in person.

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