Nieves Segovia, in the debate on Education Transforms Spain

Nieves Segovia, president of the SEK Educational Group, has participated in an interview on Capital Radio organized by the Fundación Transforma España.

Led by Eduardo Serra, president of the foundation, lawyer and ex-politician, moderated by Federico Quevedo, and with education as the protagonist, the debate started from two questions: How is the educational system in Spain? Who should be the holder of the education, the State or the families? Nieves Segovia and Sonia Díez, president of the Horizonte Ítaca Educational Group, were in charge of discussing the Spanish educational panorama.

Based on the words of Eduardo Serra, who affirmed that, if talent is the sum of biology plus education, it seems clear that Education is the key to almost everything, Nieves Segovia said that, precisely because of that importance, “in Spain it is necessary an educational system with consistency and continuity“.

A collaborative social pact is necessary to achieve a committed and demanding learning society. We must establish – and the best experience we have obtained during the last year due to the health crisis derived from Covid-19 – a global education laboratory that is in constant transformation and adaptation to the different realities of each moment.

In the debate, they spoke of the necessary flexibility with which the Spanish educational system must be endowed so that it can attend to the diversity of interests, and reinforce collaboration, conversation and debate, because there is a lack of communication between all actors in society, families , students, schools, universities and companies, to give continuity to a system that facilitates a line of talent creation.

On the other hand, they also talked about the educational model “that is not based exclusively on the acquisition of knowledge”, but is firmly committed to the development of skills and abilities that allow students to successfully face the challenges it proposes. a society in continuous transformation.

As Nieves Segovia sees it, “the student should not be asked what he wants to study. You have to ask him what he wants to change. You have to invite him to look around, to understand the challenges, the opportunities. It is necessary to develop its capacity for transformation”.

In addition, the president of the SEK Educational Group defended that “if we were able to be recognized by our model, which is also accompanied by a language as powerful as ours, we would undoubtedly have another position internationally speaking, even in terms of economic model, productive, etc”.


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