MySEK, our virtual learning ecosystem

As a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis, our school community has been interacting permanently over recent weeks on our bespoke SEK Education Group virtual work environment, called MySEK. This personalised digital space allows our over 5,500 students to work and study, alone or collaboratively, at any time and from anywhere.

The MySEK learning platform started development in 2015, when we already glimpsed a future where teachers and students could find all the necessary tools, content and academic resources in the same environment, in order to fully leverage and harness technology for their learning.

SEK Education Group works with MySEK, a one-of-kind and bespoke education platform, the only one of its kind in the sector, and the fruit of years of work. It was created by a multidisciplinary team of computer engineers, specialists in educational technology, teachers and counsellors.

And these efforts have meant that we can today ensure that our students continue to enjoy as rich and varied learning experience as possible during the current lockdown.

More information about MySEK
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