Teachers hone their learning and teaching skills with the SEK Future Learning Model

SEK Education Group, within the framework of its new SEK Future Learning Model, not only focuses its efforts on the curricular enrichment of its students, but also places great emphasis on its teachers and their professional and personal development. With the aim of offering a more personalised education for students, teachers will also be offered directed and self-directed professional learning that will have a direct impact on students’ education and learning.

A key element for the success of the SEK Future Learning Model is professional learning and collaborative planning (PL&CP), which the teachers will focus on one day a week. This provides teachers a solid foundation to increase their knowledge and learning and teaching skills, in addition to improving their technology skills for teaching lessons, a key element for the implementation of this learning and teaching model.

Thanks to this, learning is more personalised and will have a decisive impact on the learning process in individuals and groups. Teachers will focus on learning based on inquiry, projects, play, challenges and real-life experiences. A diversity of approaches will also be valued as well as the learning environments and spaces, since children go to school to learn more than just what is set on their syllabus. Learning does not just take place in the classroom but is a holistic and global experience that should foster new interests in students.

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