SEK Schools achieve their best ever results on the IB Diploma Programme exam


Students at SEK Education Group schools obtained outstanding results in their International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB) Diploma Programme in the 20-21 academic year, with 44 students scoring over 40 points (21% of the 212 students taking the exam) and two with the highest possible score of 45 points, at SEK-El Castillo and SEK-Alborán schools.

In addition, two SEK students achieved 44 points, seven obtained 43 points, 13 obtained 42 points, 10 obtained 41 points and another 10 obtained 40 points. The world average was 33.02 points.

Particularly worthy of note were the results obtained by SEK-Alborán students that had a pass rate of 100% (the average rate worldwide has been 88.96%), with 62% of its students scoring 40 or more points, an average mark of 39.1. These marks are the best results obtained by a SEK School in the past.

SEK-Atlántico also obtained a 100% pass rate and outstanding results, with a total average of 37.2 points. 31% of the students also achieved 40 or more points. Furthermore, all SEK-Catalunya students who took the exam passed and obtained an average of 35.7 points and 30% obtained a mark of more than 40 points.

In the case of SEK-Ciudalcampo 100% of the students also passed the exam, with an average mark of 34.8, and eight of their students scored 40 or more points. The students at SEK-El Castillo also performed outstandingly with a 97% pass rate, an average grade of 34.3 and nine students obtaining marks between 40 and 45 points. Fourteen SEK-Qatar students took the exam, of which 11 passed, one of them scoring 42 points.

According to IB sources, “our priority this year has been to give students the same opportunity to progress after the difficulties caused by COVID-19. We have taken into account the impact that the pandemic has had on students”.

These results are provisional and subject to change during processing, which will take place until 15 September.


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