SEK Schools ranked as the best in Spain according to the Forbes 2021 list

The prestigious magazine Forbes has published for the first time the list of the best 50 private and subsidized schools in Spain and has placed SEK-Ciudalcampo and SEK-El Castillo in first position, as well as SEK-Catalunya in third place.

“With a demanding and quality educational model recognized nationally and internationally, they belong to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB), which is committed to its three programs. They have the NEASC accreditation that requires teaching and management staff to be at the forefront of pedagogical methodologies ”, Forbes publishes about SEK International Schools.

The analysis and evaluation of this list have been evaluated by a committee of expert educators, psychologists and education professionals selected by the prestigious journal, who have offered their consideration of the criteria and the score of each center.

The SEK Schools have also been selected among the best schools in Spain and Europe in the different rankings published in 2021.


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