SEK Schools install air quality measurement devices and purchase antigen tests for their Educational Community

SEK International Schools continue to adapt and bolster health and safety measures to prevent COVID-19. Scientific evidence has shown that natural and continuous ventilation of classrooms is the most effective system to keep spaces free of the virus.

According to this evidence, and so that students can attend class with the safety guarantees, but also with the greatest comfort, schools have begun to measure the levels of CO2 and humidity in all classrooms. Further, specific ventilation protocols have been established depending on the type classroom, and heating levels have been increased. In addition, forced ventilation systems are being used.

Installation of Lernometers

Likewise, SEK Schools have decided to install an innovative IoT system to measure conditions in each classroom and ensure optimal learning. These devices are called Lernometers and are designed by Stephen Heppell, Director of the Felipe Segovia Chair for Innovation in Learning at Camilo José Cela University.

These devices, in addition to measuring CO2 and relative humidity in each classroom, control volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and airborne dust (PM 2.5), temperature, light and ambient noise. The data is received and analysed continually to ensure that conditions are optimal.

Schools have set up a specific Wi-Fi network for this purpose. Students themselves will be able to access this network and monitor conditions and thus take part in putting in place new improvement measures. If the results of the tests recommend the installation of air purifiers, the necessary consultations are being made to acquire the safest ones for the health of students and teachers.

Purchase of antigen tests

Antigen tests have been acquired for school staff if they are feeling unwell or suspect they have symptoms compatible with COVID-19. These tests will be administered by the School’s medical service, allowing us to act quickly for the benefit of the safety of our Educational Community, and avoid the application of unnecessary isolation protocols.

The results of the application of all the COVID-19 prevention measures, permanently controlled by the figure of the COVID Coordinator at each school, allow us to affirm that, after more than two months of school year, each SEK school offers a safe environment.

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