SEK Schools choose the authorities of the forthcoming edition of SEKMUN

The election of authorities for the 14th SEKMUN took place yesterday. Thirty-four students from all of our schools submitted candidacies for twenty-five positions.

“The choice gets more difficult every year,” say the organisers. The degree of seriousness and responsibility they showed in each phase of the process was drew admiration from the entire team of school coordinators.

The selection process for this year has featured the use of KAHOOT to assess each participant’s understanding and mastery of the SEKMUN United Nations Model.

KAHOOT is a very useful tool for teachers and students, to learn and review concepts in an entertaining way, as if it were a contest. The most common way is through test questions. Finding a game or application that adapts exactly to the theme of a class or group is complicated, and that is why one of the main advantages of this app is that anyone can create the content for a game, whether it be about the Visigothic kings, geometric bodies or the SEKMUN regulations.


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