SEK International Schools extend and broaden their flexible and tailored education methods for this academic year

SEK International Schools offer their own education model to students from the ages of 4 months to 18 years old, and foster and encourage responsibility, freedom, solidarity and the awakening of skills through innovative pedagogical methods, with the learning of English as a top priority.

In an academic year in which in-person teaching has resumed, SEK Schools have welcomed their students applying all the necessary health and safety protocols for their entire educational community as set forth by the school medical services, teaching representatives and safety experts from SEK schools.

SEK International Schools will continue to extend their one-of-a-kind education system this year through their SEK Future Learning Model, a more flexible, personal, connected and collaborative learning model that responds to the current ongoing transformations in education.

In this way, motivating and enriched methods and tools are offered to students and are adapted to physical or virtual formats, allowing for personal development experiences for each student.

Through HyFlex technology schools naturally combine face-to-face and remote lessons.

SEK classrooms have been fitted with high-resolution 360-degree cameras with mobile tripods so they can be moved and placed in different points of the classrooms, microphones and receivers and Smart screens that allow students and their teachers, regardless of where they are, to follow and teach live all their classes and intervene and interact in a completely natural way.

SEK teachers are the cornerstone of this model.

Therefore, SEK Schools work on their professional and personal development with directed and self-led professional learning programmes with the aim of fostering inquiry and innovation in their classes.

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