SEK International Schools consolidate innovation projects started in recent years

Students of SEK International Schools have returned to the classroom today to start the 22/23 new academic year, the first since the outbreak of the pandemic, without restrictions due to Covid-19. Over the last two years, SEK schools have worked to overcome the academic, psychological and emotional consequences of the pandemic in their educational community and have continued with their innovation educational projects.

Among these projects are new initiatives related to the development of skills, which SEK Education Group has been running since the past academic years and which, for the first time, will be launched at all schools this year, as a result of the application of the new educational law.

For Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group, “we are commencing this academic year with a spirit of trust and renewal”, and she added that “this will be an excellent year in which we will be capable of living up to the exceptional circumstances that we are facing”.

SEK Education Group started in the year 2020 a reflection on the changing educational paradigm. This analysis was embodied in its SEK Future Learning Model, and later gave rise to the Global Education Forum, a debate forum in which teachers, students and education experts from around the world took part.

The 22/23 academic year, which marks SEK’s 130th anniversary, will consolidate the SEK profile, linked to Global Citizenship and Social Innovation, learning that goes beyond basic academic experiences and promotes nine general competencies that take into account both curricular and extracurricular experiences, and promote foundational learning skills.

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