Learning at SEK Schools this year and for the coming academic year

The next few days will mark the end of an exceptional school year at SEK Schools. The period of lockdown has meant a steep learning curve for SEK Schools, which has been used to listen to the SEK Educational Community and to work with regional, national and international education authorities, providing support to the local community and also collaborating with larger global networks.

When in early March SEK Schools had to suddenly move to full online learning, they were well prepared, based on a long experience of using online methods, resources and platforms. Following five weeks of lockdown, SEK received very positive feedback, and also ideas for improvement which were used to review protocols and processes and to make the learning model more effective, enhancing the well-being of students and staff. SEK Education Group will carry out a final assessment of this term’s work, in July there will be workshops and focus groups with over 300 students, teachers and families with the aim of continuing to learn.

Over this school year it has also been necessary to learn to give continuity to education, tackling the uncertainty of a complex environment and changing regulations. During these months of intense learning for all of us, it has been possible to put into practice new educational methods, explore the use of new digital tools and further the design of more enriched teaching processes. Which is why, and because SEK Education Group wants to set an example as an “organisation that learns”, it is tackling the challenge of continuing to improve its educational system.


SEK Future Learning Model

Based on its propriety innovative SEK Intelligent Classroom model, and the learning principles of the IB and ACE-NEASC, it has been possible to design personalised learning pathways for each student that foster collaboration, autonomy and the construction of meaning. More enriched processes taking place in physical or digital environments depending on the pedagogical purpose they pursue. Moreover, a team of teachers is working on this redesign process.

This model will also enable SEK to move from face-to-face teaching processes to virtual ones, or blended formats, ensuring maximum efficiency, and without continuity solutions. Likewise, the MySEK learning ecosystem will boast new applications and resources, and all SEK teachers will continue to be given face-to-face and distance training opportunities.

The reopening of SEK Schools’ campuses is the best option for students from an academic, social and emotional perspective. The priority, of course, is to reopen safely, taking into account the health and well-being of our entire Educational Community. A health and safety team is already working at the Schools, in coordination with the rest of the SEK Group, managing all the organisational and operational details related to the reopening, in addition to obtaining the COVID Free certificate.


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