SEK Education Group is ready for the reopening of its schools

SEK Schools and University Camilo José Cela are finalising preparations for the beginning of the academic year in whatever mode the authorities deem necessary, either in a face-to-face, blended – a combination of classes at schools and from homes – or completely virtual.

SEK’s highest priority is the health and safety of all students and teachers.  Furthermore, SEK places great emphasis on the quality of its educational system in any of the instructional formats and the accompaniment and emotional support of all members of its Educational Community.

Having finalised all its measures and protocols, SEK is waiting for official guidelines from the different ministries and government agencies. When these guidelines have been issued, fully detailed information will be sent to families, which will include the latest measures agreed by the government, with the final planning for the year.

Different media outlets, such as Madridiario or El Confidencial, have visited SEK Schools to see for themselves the improvements made at schools in accordance with the health and safety protocols designed by SEK Group, and have been able to verify the how well prepared facilities and staff are to tackle the start of the school year. “The school is fully prepared to open tomorrow” said the El Confidencial journalist after his visit to SEK-El Castillo.

The different press reports on the measures and protocols for the reopening of SEK International Schools and University Camilo José Cela can be read in full at these links:

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