SEK Education Group takes part in the largest educational technology forum in Europe


Entitled Inspiration in Education,  EduTech Europe  brought together 1,500 educators and 250 speakers from the European continent on 5 and 6 October in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In order to share success stories in the use of technology in educational environments, SEK Education Group took part represented by Alejandro Delso, director of strategy and innovation, in the panel discussion Entitled Employability: the future of work for today’s graduates: Digital talents with real-world skills, in which the necessary channels of collaboration between business and universities, lifelong learning, support for students in entrepreneurship and professional development projects and the impact of Artificial Intelligence were discussed in the future of employability.

Elvira Chiquero, Deputy Principal of SEK International School Ciudalcampo took part in the panel discussion Equipping teachers with the skills needed for the digital agein which the necessary provision of resources and continuous training for teachers was discussed.

Amor Vieira, Director of Learning at SEK-El Castillo, took part in the debate that dealt with the impact of technology in the classroom The impact of technology on instructional design and pedagogy in which experiences were shared on the pedagogical viability of technologies, how they can facilitate learning with innovative approaches and opportunities to collaborate remotely or asynchronously. Meanwhile, Daniel Carrera, Director of Technology and Design at SEK-El Castillo, moderated in the panel Technology investment trends in schools, in which the technological trends in the classroom for the coming years were addressed.

Joaquin Rodriguez, Director of Educational Design and Educational Technology at SEK Education Group, moderated the panel How to imbed digital into all areas of the organization? in which the way in which the entire organisation should contribute to the sole and main purpose for which it was conceived was discussed: to improve the learning experience of its students and guarantee the acquisition of skills.

Speakers from leading educational institutions in the field of education took part in addition to  those from SEK Education Group, such as Fiona Strawbridge from University College London.



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