SEK Education Group students pay homage to their teachers on World Teachers’ Day

On World Teachers’ Day, and this year more than ever, SEK teachers deserve recognition for their enormous capacity for work and their immense sense of vocation.

Educators around the world have demonstrated their ability to adapt to adverse circumstances in recent months, as well as enormous dedication and effort at the service of our students, teaching in remote or face-to-face classrooms, inspiring a new generation of students every day. Students who will lay the foundations of a global society committed to protecting the environment, to furthering scientific research and the development of more sustainable economic models.

“If education ceases, there is no future,” said the president of the SEK Group in an address to the SEK teaching staff. When the pandemic passes, the time will come for EDUCATION in capital letters, with new ways of learning and a new sense of purpose whose hope lies in the vocation and spirit of service of each teacher.

On this day and always, THANK YOU to all the SEK teachers and staff for their tremendous efforts.

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