SEK Education Group holds a meeting of its 4th Junior Advisory Board

As in other years, SEK Education Group has held a day of reflection and inspirational ideas for a group of selected students from all SEK Schools to share with the President, Nieves Segovia.

The Advisory Board is made up of 16 students from different educational stages who represent their schoolmates and are given the opportunity to share their proposals, apply critical thinking and to work as a team to build the school of the future. More specifically, they have focussed on the Intelligent Classroom, central theme of the next Felipe Segovia Symposium; the promotion of collaborations between University Camilo José Cela and SEK Schools, the possibilities of the Alumni network; how to encourage the participation of entrepreneurship projects in SEKLab and the development of improvements to the MySEK application.

The Junior Advisory Board has been represented by 16 students from SEK International Schools:

  • María Briffet, SEK-Santa Isabel, Primary year 6
  • Keira Luna Faura, SEK-Santa Isabel, Primary year 6
  • Carla Cerviño, SEK-Atlántico, ESO year 3
  • David Valadés, SEK-El Castillo, ESO year 3
  • Nerea Rufas, SEK-El Castillo, Baccalaureate year 1
  • Paula Álvarez, SEK-El Castillo, Baccalaureate year 1
  • Beatriz Vargas, SEK-El Castillo, Baccalaureate year 1
  • Teresa Areces, SEK-Ciudalcampo, ESO year 4
  • Ulises Ceballes, SEK-Qatar, ESO year 4
  • Denzel Che, SEK-Catalunya, ESO year 3
  • Marta Echevarría, SEK-Catalunya, Baccalaureate year 1
  • Ethan Wilson, SEK-Catalunya, Baccalaureate year 1
  • Paloma Ríos, SEK-Alborán, ESO year 2
  • Rebecca Giachini, SEK-Ciudalcampo, Baccalaureate year 1
  • Claudia Solera, SEK-Alborán, Baccalaureate year 1
  • Pablo Espinar, SEK-Ciudalcampo, Baccalaureate year 1


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