IX Edition of the Christmas Concert in tribute to Mr. Felipe Segovia Olmo

The SEK Educational Institution and the Royal Spanish Naval League (RLNE) have organized, once again, the traditional Christmas concert in homage to the figure of our founder, Mr. Felipe Segovia.

On this occasion, and because of the social health situation, the concert has been recorded. You can see it in the video shown below.

In this concert, the students of the SEK-Ciudalcampo School of Music have delighted us with their performances:

  • George Sebastián Omania, guitar
  • Sofía Martína Lafunete, trumpet
  • Ana González Seoane, cello
  • Teresa López Castiñeira, fiddle
  • Lucía Zapardiel Romero, fiddle
  • Marta Hazeu González, piano
  • Ye Bin Lee, cello

These compositions are followed by interpretations of the musical theater, the escolania, the choir and the choir of the parents of the school, directed by Blas Moya, Luke Cooper and Álvaro González.

Congratulations to the School of Music, which year after year exceeds itself and shows the extraordinary progress of its students.

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