Interview with the SEK student who attained the best mark in the IB Diploma Programme

A student at SEK International School El Castillo has attained a score of 44 out of 45 points in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB). This outstanding student, Covadonga, gave us an interview to talk about her experience studying for this programme and how the school and her teachers have helped her.


Question. Congratulations Covadonga. Why did you choose to take the International Baccalaureate?

Answer. Thank you. I think it is the programme that best prepares you for life beyond school, both academically and socially, and also for more specific reasons, like the fact that it gives you a completely bilingual education. This is a privilege, because having two languages and literature subjects (one in Spanish and one in English), and then studying the rest of the programme in English, has helped me balance the two languages and develop my communications skills in the two languages. It is something that I consider very important, because nowadays it is a requirement to work anywhere and it is something that helps you a lot in real life, too.

And then, another thing I like a lot about the International Baccalaureate, compared to other methods, is that it helps you to have a much more international outlook and a more open-minded point of view, a mentality you need to tackle many of subject assessments and programme requirements. Coexistence with other international students, and the programme itself, give you an international outlook and prepare you for any type of situation.


Q. How has SEK-El Castillo’s international outlook and innovative approach contributed to your education?

A. Innovation and internationality are two very important things nowadays, since they have a life-long impact on your education, not just for university.

In terms of internationality, I have seen that students from different countries can live together perfectly well, that everything is adapted to a global approach and not only from a national or local point of view like many other schools. This is very important, because in a society like today’s, with globalisation and everything that is happening in the world, we have a much more open mentality, which can be adapted to different cultures, to different points of view, to different personalities, something we are instilled by the school.

And then, another aspect is innovation, which seems to me something totally essential to study this programme, since most of it is based on the access you have to technology, communication between students and teachers is mostly online outside of school, something that it helps you a lot in your studies, because you can take school with you anywhere you go, you have a platform with all your resources, all your sources, and it makes everything much easier and more fluid.

There is also innovation in other aspects, such as the opportunity to participate in model United Nations (such as SEKMUN) or extracurricular activities that other schools do not have. SEK merges them with the curriculum and the IB programme.

Q. What do you want to do in the future?

A. My dream is to work in the United Nations. It’s very hard and I do not know if I’ll get there. But that would be my ideal. And if not, in any international organisation such as the European Union, the World Bank … that is, type of bodies that are essential for the world to work better, and for the welfare of society, for international affairs that affect us all so much.

Studying a Degree in International Relations will take me in that direction. It is something that I really love, to find solutions to real problems and to find a way for everyone to agree on things. It is something that I really would like to achieve.

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