A neuroeducation innovation at SEK Education Group: The brain in education

SEK Education Group has a history of providing innovative education for their students. SEK International Schools are dedicated to nurturing students’ ability to access relevant, meaningful and global, learning. As part of this vision, we have collaborated with Arrowsmith, an innovative company providing programs grounded in neuroscience and proven to enhance students’ learning potential.  Since 2017, SEK Schools have offered Arrowsmith’s neuroplastic programs to improve students’ ability to be 21st century learners.

During this time, researchers at Universidad Camilo Jose Cela joined a Global Research Collaborative studying the impact of Arrowsmith on the brain and on students’ learning. The outcomes have been significant. You can read more about their research here.

In April 2023, a new partnership was formed involving stakeholders of SEK Education Group, Arrowsmith, and the Cognitive Enhancement Centre (Switzerland). This partnership was created to bring SEK International Schools community to the forefront of innovation: where education meets science. When schools introduce Arrowsmith into their curriculum programming, they provide their own students with an opportunity to change their core capacity to learn and perform. SEK is proud to play a key role in this evolution of education.

This collaboration is committed to fostering a new landscape of education – where cognitive programs prepare students’ brains to participate actively in 21st century learning opportunities, and so they can go on to thrive with efficiency, ease and joy as lifelong learners.

Each month the SEK Education Group newsletter will feature a Brain In Education section and will cover topics in the emerging field of neuroscience, neuroeducation and how the SEK community is utilizing Arrowsmith within its schools. We welcome all within SEK Education Group to learn, participate and ask questions about the mission and outcomes of this work.

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