1st SEK Early Childhood Pedagogical Day: educational innovation through teacher collaboration

The group of early childhood education coordinators from SEK International Schools took part in the 1st SEK Early Childhood Pedagogical Day, a collaborative initiative to share innovative educational practices. The purpose of this meeting was to participate in a fruitful exchange of dynamics, innovative methodologies and cutting-edge pedagogical approaches.

In a collaborative initiative to improve educational practices, the early childhood education coordinators from the SEK schools in Spain, made a visit to the different campuses in Madrid, SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-El Castillo and SEK-Santa Isabel. The purpose of this meeting was to participate in a fruitful exchange of good practices and innovative methodologies.

At SEK-Santa Isabel, the discussion focused on the collaborative research project between the SEK Schools, the School of Education at Camilo José Cela University and Harvard University. The Outside – In project explores how the design and pedagogy of learning environments in non-school settings (natural and urban) impact on the well-being of SEK students in their learning process. Through the Learning Paths, a concept developed at SEK-Santa Isabel, students connect classroom learning with their immediate context.

At SEK-El Castillo, the focus was on how the use of nature can serve as a teaching resource. And at SEK-Ciudalcampo, the conversation revolved around how learning environments inside the school (spaces, materials…) promote student learning and interact with the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of our students.

The collaborative work of teachers, essential in our educational model

The visit served not only as a platform to share successful implementations, but to discuss challenges and collaboratively explore ways to improve learning experiences that promote the comprehensive and healthy development of the entire SEK early childhood education community.

Within our SEK Future Learning Model, the professional and personal development of teachers is essential, so that they can have a solid foundation to develop their learning and teaching knowledge and skills and thus, have a direct impact on teaching and on the students’ own learning.

In addition to this type of collaborative learning initiatives, the SEK teaching team has a professional learning and collaborative planning (PL&CP) programme, which teachers take part in for one day a week.


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