Henar Maillo, SEK-Ciudalcampo student, spokeswoman for the United Nations Girls in Science platform

Henar Maillo, a first year student from the Diploma Program in SEK-Ciudalcampo, has served this year as a spokesperson in Spanish for the United Nations Girls in Science 4 SDGS platform.

The platform was born with the aim of fighting for gender equality in science. Scientists from the 5 continents and girls from the age of 10 participate in it, who together create a community of help and collaboration by launching global initiatives and contests, writing articles and activities to foster mutually considered friendships that unite cultures.

In addition, another goal is to demystify science to help all girls see that they have a potential path, and a community, in science.

As a representative of this program, Henar has presented the global campaign Writing Science in Braille. His presentation took place on February 11 during the United Nations virtual assembly that was held to celebrate the Day of Women and Girls in Science.

During the presentation, Henar spoke of the importance of designing resources and activities that facilitate motivation and learning of science subjects in students with visual disabilities and especially for school-age girls.

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