Fernando Cervigón, former student of SEK-El Castillo, among the 100 most creative in Spain according to Forbes

Fernando Cervigón, former student of SEK International School El Castillo and founder of Trees 4 Humanity, has been ranked in Forbes magazine’s list of “The 100 most creative people in the business world”. The publication highlights in this ranking the people who have best known how to integrate creativity into the strategy of their companies, an ability that they summarize as “essential to shape reality, breaking with the status quo, and achieving their goals”.

According to Forbes, the hundred men and women in this ranking, from a wide variety of business sectors, “have shown inventiveness, adaptation and experience in meeting the challenges posed by an increasingly competitive and uncertain environment. Because creativity, like technology, is facilitating and transformative”.

In the case of Cervigón, the magazine defines his company, Trees 4 Humanity, as a “non-profit organisation focused on environmental conservation. It has developed a biodegradable system that makes it possible to avoid the use of millions of plastics and generates employment for women at risk of exclusion, within the manufacture of its biodegradable pots based on algae and banana leaves”.

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