El Español highlights the learning environment of SEK Schools as an example of the revolution in education

In the last few months, millions of students and teachers around the world have had to take a leap in their learning and teaching that has allowed them to “advance years in a couple of months”. This was featured by El Español in an article entitled “This is how the online education has revolutionised by Covid-19: years of work crammed in just two months”.

Therefore, the Corporate Director of Design, Innovation and Educational Technology at SEK Group, Joaquín Rodríguez, said “the technologies already existed, but this has forced us to accelerate its use, both in students and teachers”, he also explained that SEK Schools has been working with MySEK for five years, “a digital ecosystem that includes everything from a library to shared notebooks, communications channels and applications at the service of its contents. A machinery that today is working at full tilt. It is the new learning environment to tackle the pandemic.”

The article also reflects on the question of student assessment. “What do we want? Is that what we ask ourselves, just give a mark or really find out if learning has worked?“, reflects Daniela Kemeny, Deputy General Manager of SEK International Schools for the digital newspaper. As examples, the article mentions for example the argumentative challenges to teach and evaluate History of PhilosophyStudents record their own discussion videos and then upload them to YouTube.

Also featuring in the newspaper article was the SEK student Carla Hidalgo, from year 6 Primary, who explained to El Español “how much fun a video conference class can be”. In addition, families play a fundamental role, even more so at this time, in the learning of their children. Antonio, father of two SEK students in Secondary School, said that “all this opens up the possibility of a global education”, adding that “knowing that my children could follow a normal life has helped”. He considers that his children “may have even improved learning, and I don’t just want pass marks for all, I have asked them for an extra effort, and they are doing it”.

“Parents are also amazed at the creative use of technology and like the students they value personalised attention most of all”, said Francisco Tejeira, SEK teacher. “As tutors we write to them every week, telling them how their son is doing, how they are progressing, and son on,” he explained.

You can read the full article here.



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