SEK-El Castillo celebrates its 50th anniversary

SEK International School El Castillo celebrated its 50th anniversary with an exciting and emotional event in which the entire educational community (students, teachers, principal, former principals, former students and emeritus professors) participated, and which took place in the school’s sports hall.

During the event, and between speakers, several videos were broadcast commemorating the more than half a century of life at the school, since its inauguration in 1972. The video was followed by a recital by the choir, performances by the music school and the school of dance, as well as a performance by the tenor Julio Cendal, former student of the school and president of FUTURE Dance.

Mercedes Pereda and Javier Presol, former principals at SEK-El Castillo, gave an emotional speech in which they shared their best memories and recalled Francisco Sancha, also a former principal of SEK-El Castillo, now deceased, that they described as “one of the people who have been essential to understand the history of the school.”

Meanwhile, Eloísa López, current principal, assured in her speech that “SEK-El Castillo is different due to its architecture, its landscape and its surroundings. It is, surely, the school that Don Felipe Segovia dreamed of”. In addition, she wished to advocate for all the professionals of the school: “All of us who are part of SEK-El Castillo have always given our best for you, the students.”

Thanks given to the protagonists of SEK-El Castillo’s history

Dimas Gimeno, president of WOW Concept and former president of El Corte Inglés, represented the school’s alumni at the event. In his speech, he gave advice to the current students at the school with a view to their professional careers. “My time at SEK-El Castillo has left an indelible mark on me,” he said.

Maricruz Lagar, general director of SEK International Schools, gave a very personal speech in which she talked about her entire career at SEK Education Group since she began taking her first steps as a teacher at SEK-El Castillo at the tender age of 21. “The intensity, enthusiasm and passion have not dropped one iota in the 44 years that I have been working at SEK Education Group,” said Lagar.

Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group, spoke last and gave thanks to all the people who have had a relationship with the school throughout its history: “Today is a day of gratitude to all those who have made SEK-El Castillo possible. This school has been built on a dream. A dream of innovation, of change, of disruption.

The event closed with the unveiling of the commemorative plaque for the 50th anniversary of SEK-El Castillo by María Rosa Bonet, honorary president of SEK Education Group.



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