Four SEK International Schools students achieve the highest mark in the world in the final exams of the IB Diploma Programme

The students from SEK International Schools studying their International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) Diploma Programme obtained excellent results in the 21/22 academic year, in which four students achieved the highest possible mark (45 points). This mark is usually only achieved by less than 1% of students worldwide, which represents a record in the historical series of our schools. Practically all schools had 100% of their Diploma students pass.

Of the 216 candidates for the full diploma, 46 have obtained over 40 points. In Spain, students who take the IB Diploma Programme have validated the LOMCE Bachillerato and the general and specific phase of the EvAU.

One of its main characteristics, as well as its academic rigour, is that it enables students to access the most prestigious universities in Spain and abroad.

The Diploma Programme curriculum is made up of six blocks of subjects and the core components Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay, an in-depth research project on a topic and subject that students choose according to their interests.

The Diploma Programme prepares students for their university studies, motivates them to learn how to learn, to ask questions and develop their own personal identity, as well as to understand and appreciate the cultural diversity that enriches the world in which they live.





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