BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

On Friday, January 12, 2024, SEK-Dublin students participated in the 60th BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Dublin City—an event recognized as one of Europe’s leading STEM exhibitions. Our annual attendance at this exhibition aims to inspire students to explore STEM fields, encouraging their active involvement in future events for personal and professional growth. The exhibition spans multiple interdisciplinary fields, exposing students to real-world problem-solving and scientific applications, fostering curiosity and creativity.

This year’s BTYSTE continues to showcase projects, nurturing a spirit of curiosity and innovation. The outing provides diverse opportunities to inspire our students. Engaging with other young minds and witnessing cutting-edge projects allows them to explore the vast world of STEM and its practical applications. Interactions with professionals, educators, and fellow students contribute to enhancing their communication and collaboration skills, preparing them for future STEM endeavors.

SEK-Dublin remains dedicated to cultivating a love for learning and supporting students in exploring their interests. Our participation in this exhibition aligns seamlessly with our commitment to offering hands-on experiences beyond the classroom, promoting a deeper understanding of STEM subjects.

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