Pioneering educational alliance between the SEK Educational Institution and Coursera

The SEK Education Group – of which the SEK International Schools and the Camilo José Cela University are part – has created an alliance with Coursera, a worldwide online learning reference platform, as a strategic partner to expand the personalized training offer to the SEK educational community.

The SEK Education Group is the first Spanish educational entity to partner with Coursera through the ‘Coursera for Campus’ program to offer courses on the platform, Coursera, on a large scale, to its entire school and university community. Within the framework of its strategic axis of lifelong learning, the SEK Education Group reinforces with this collaboration its training offer in the areas of digitization, social innovation and entrepreneurship. More than 82 million students around the world use Coursera to acquire skills relevant to their work.

The program will allow the SEK Group to personalize its training offer, carrying out an analysis on those contents of the Coursera platform that are most interesting for the different groups of students. In this way, it will be possible to adjust the themes and improve the content proposal over time and, on the other hand, it allows students to better know their preferences and skills in the different selected areas.

“The future requires more learning personalized, at any time and place, accompanying the student throughout their lives and offering them relevant educational resources at each stage ”, affirmed Nieves Segovia, president of the SEK Education Group. “The alliance with Coursera is an example of the transformation led by the SEK Institution, with the incorporation of new agents into formal education to, ultimately, improve the learning society.”

“We are honored to be working with SEK Education Group to integrate Coursera for Campus into its school and university community,” said Anthony Tattersall, Coursera Vice President EMEA. “Today marks the beginning of our shared journey to help high school students, family members and alumni of SEK Schools and Camilo José Cela University prepare for a digital future.”

In the first phase of the project, the SEK Education Group will allocate access to the Coursera catalog of more than 5,000 online courses from leading universities such as Imperial College London and Yale University, as well as industry educators such as Google, IBM and Facebook, for students high school students from SEK Schools, family members and alumni of SEK Schools and Camilo José Cela University.

Thousands of higher education institutions around the world have used Coursera to help their students with online learning during the interruption caused by COVID -19 and transform your talent by enhancing and retaining your students in data science, technology, and business skills necessary to compete in today’s economy.

‘Life long learning’ as a strategic line

Reflection as a permanent attitude is one of the hallmarks of the SEK Education Group, which assumed from its birth, in 1892, the challenge of adapting its teaching model to the needs of each of its students and of society, with a innovative and constantly evolving educational model that adjusts to the needs of each student, regardless of the training or life cycle they are in.

In the last twelve months, the SEK Group has promoted the creation of a Think Tank on the future of education, in which 52 experts from around the world participated. This research and analysis group has discussed not only how education has changed due to the impact of the pandemic, but also what are the challenges facing the University in the next three years to respond to a different educational demand.

This agreement responds precisely to one of the strategic lines of action that were defined as priorities within this group, life long learning or lifelong learning. Other outstanding projects are the creation of a new modern, innovative and value-added value proposition for the alumni community, and the development of an increasingly personalized training model.

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