Marc Prensky: “We want young people to grow up differently”

SEK Education Group has hosted workshops entitled “Growing up empowered. An empowerment hub experience”. The objective of the workshops -held at the SEK International School Catalunya- was to emphasise how the younger generations can contribute to the transformation of society accompanied by an educational model that has the task of adapting to an era of new demands and diverse realities.

In this context, we interviewed Marc Prensky, the expert who coined terms such as ‘digital native’ or ‘digital immigrant’, author of more than 100 articles and essays and a regular contributor to SEK Education Group.


Question.- Where should the new generations direct their knowledge?

Answer.- What they should be understanding is how to recognise the problems that they care about, to recognise what they can do well, what their strengths are. They should be aware of themselves, what they love to do, and then figure out, with our help, how to apply it to the world. If a young person grows up knowing that they can do these kinds of things, they can go out and find ways to connect with the world, earn a living, and make the world a better place.


Q.- How should the educational system evolve?

A.- I call it an empowerment system, maybe somebody will call it something else, but it’s not the education system, because the education system has one goal and that’s learning. Then somehow that happened and become the way it worked out, that is not good enough for the future. Old-style education will never go away, it will be around for the people who need it when they need it, but what we want is for young people to grow up differently.


Q.- And this a generic question, and it’s regarding SEK initiatives and its educational model, what is your opinion about what is being done in this area?

A.- I love SEK and I have been with them for many, many years, because they are always thinking about what is needed for young people and what the future should be. We are having a wonderful meeting this week, people from all different continents, we are figuring out what is the alternative to school, to what we used to do and what we perfected, academic school. Academic school is fine for some people, but it is not fine for most people.


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